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All smartblocks are H2ready

Our smartblock series can be used with a variety of fuels, natural gas, LPG, and biogas. In addition, we have been doing intensive research regarding the use of hydrogen in the CHPs of the smartblock series. After some modifications and test we are proud to announce: All smartblocks from 7.5 to 75 kWel are H2ready.

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smartblock cloud

smartblock cloud – a new era in digitalization

In the past months we have been addressing the topic remote access and enhanced our product range with appropriate innovative solutions.

Due to the increasing risks and threats on the internet online security has become a prominent issue. The direct VNC connection offered so far was secured by several mechanisms, providing maximum security.

Your Link To Future

Put your energy supply back on the right track.

Produce ELECTRICITY and HEAT in a single smartblock.

Find out what a smartblock CHP can do for you.

Ground-breaking Technology Solutions

The coupling of heat and electricity production is a well-known technology, but the quality and reliability of a CHP depends on many construction and engineering details. A number of solutions, most with patents pending, provide our smartblocks with the perfect performance characteristics regarding efficiency, noise emissions, reliability and maintenance ease.

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Modular Versatility for more Flexibility

The smartblock series, conmprising the types smartblock 7.5, smartblock 16, smartblock 22, smartblock 33, smartblock 50 and smartblock 75, is a product range staged in various levels for the power segment up to 75 kW electric power. This wide spectrum provides many opportunities for the application in multi-party residential buidlings, all the way to wellness resorts, or from community installations such as inside swimming pools or commercial and industrial premises.

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Tried and Tested in Practice

25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of CHPs are a milestone, like the approx. 4,000 installations of of CHPs running successfully. Our countless smartblock installations are found in hotels, swimming pools, corporate buildings, large residential complexes and even numerous alpine lodges.

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