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smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.
smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

With the smartblock battery we offer you the storage of electrical energy from solar systems and combined heat and power plants. Use new, optimized options for peak load capping, increased use of your own electricity and grid backup operation in the event of a blackout. The most important information follows in detail.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Self-sufficiency up! costs down

Electricity prices have been rising for years! A smartblock battery makes you independent of this and can minimize your electricity bill in a wide variety of applications. Equip yourself reliably with sustainable and decentrally generated solar and CHP power* with the help of a smartblock battery. By temporarily storing cheap and surplus electricity that is not currently needed, you increase your own consumption and become more independent of your electricity provider and reduce your costs in the long term. 

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Load peaks? Get shaved!

A large number of companies in the manufacturing industry require a particularly large amount of energy at certain times. For example, to start up machines, heat up boilers or start pump systems. The smartblock battery is ideal for balancing these peak loads in electricity demand with self-generated, stored electricity. Energy suppliers and grid operators are interested in grid utilization that is as even as possible. Above-average peak loads that have to be provided, are expensive and put a strain on the public power grid. Due to the peak load shaving or smoothing of the load profiles (peak shaving), your network charges, i.e. electricity costs, are reduced and on the other hand the public electricity network is relieved.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Reload? At any time!

By recharging the batteries bygrid and grid parallel operation with solar and CHP power*, you are on the safe side for significantly longer in the event of a blackout than with a UPS or conventional battery storage. In addition, the smartblock CHP* in this concept serves as a weather-independent backup for the period of dark lulls and at night when the yield of the photovoltaic system is reduced or completely absent. This makes it possible to implement hybrid systems with different energy sources, regenerative and fossil.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Blackout? No thanks!

The danger of local power failures increases due to the shutdown of power plant capacities, the sluggish expansion of renewable energies and the new requirements for outdated power grids. Maintain your supply with a smartblock battery when the network operator cannot. The smartblock battery supplies you reliably as long as there is electricity stored in the battery and provides you with optimal protection against a blackout.

In grid parralel backup mode, your building is reliably secured in three phases and all necessary consumers such as machines, servers and cooling devices can continue to be operated.

The switchover happens so quickly (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic devices can continue to operate without interruption. This is much quicker than a simple UPS system.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

PV on blackout? Yes of course!

The smartblock battery can be expanded with up to three independent PV charge controllers. This means that up to 17.4 kWp of photovoltaic power can be fed in. The power is intelligently used by the smartblock battery to charge the batteries and to supply consumers and is also available in emergency power operation!

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Car charging? No problem!

The demand for charging stations for sustainable electric mobility is increasing. Be it for customers, employees, or your own fleet. Expand your charging infrastructure quickly, inexpensively and easily and add a powerful e-vehicle charging station to the smartblock battery. When the vehicle is connected, you can use various operating modes, e.g. fully automatically to charge the excess electricity into the vehicle when the batteries are full.

This significantly increases your own consumption and reduces the costs for the vehicle by avoiding the purchase of expensive charging current from the public grid.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Heating with electricity? Of course!

The smartblock battery is fully charged and the e-car is on the road or also fully charged with PV power, but what happens when the sun is still shining? No problem. You can integrate a heating element as a heat source for hot water or space heating and regulate heat generation according to PV surplus and heat demand. And of course, with the smartblock CHP, you have another heat source at your disposal that supplies your property regardless of the weather.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

One for all: smartblock cloud!

The simple visualization of the smartblock battery takes place directly via the smartblock CHP display or a separate, optional 5″ or 7″ touch display. The CHP and the battery storage are combined in the smartblock cloudd. Only one web app is required to monitor the power management with PV, CHP, battery storage and charging station.

And of course with the usual high level of security via our encrypted and monitored smartblock online data connections.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

10 year guarantee – doesn’t that exist? Yes!

Tip when purchasing a power storage system: Read and compare the fine print! Guarantee conditions are an important criterion that provide information about the quality, reliability and longevity of a system.

With the smartblock battery you get a 10-year product guarantee and a 10-year performance guarantee on 80% of the capacity for the batteries! For all other components such as the inverter, we grant you a guarantee of 5 years! **

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Made in Europe!

All components of the smartblock battery are “Made in Europe”! Both the batteries (Spain) and the inverters (Netherlands, Italy) and all the accessories are entirely designed and manufactured by experienced manufacturers, who are leaders in their field.

smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Recycle and reuse? To 100%!

All smartblock battery batteries are sent to the GRS recycling system at the end of their life cycle.

Since batteries for stationary storage of energy contain valuable raw materials, these must be recovered at the end of their useful life. With the GRS Storage industry solution, we and you contribute to this and provide even more environmental protection. The recycling rate in 2022 was an incredible 100 percent.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Scalable storage solution from 22 kWh to 1.1 MWh capacity and 15 to 500 kW nominal power
  • Easy installation and set-up thanks to modular expansion of the battery towers
  • Parallel to the grid to increase self-consumption – increasing self-sufficiency in combination with a photovoltaic system and a smartblock CHP
  • Emergency power supply (UPS compatible, switching time ≤ 20 ms)
  • Emergency power supply with asynchronous CHP* possible!
  • Zero feed into the grid or zero purchase from the grid
  • Peak shaving – reduction of load peaks or power consumption peaks
  • Made in Europe! Inverters and accessories from VICTRON (Netherlands) or RIELLO (Italy) and batteries from CEGASA (Spain) combined at KW Energie in Freystadt

3 types – one always fits!

Basically, we offer the smartblock batter in three performance and capacity classes.

  • Type “Ultra” with a nominal power of 15 to 30 kVA
    and a usable capacity of 22 to 66 kWh
  • Type “Pro” with a nominal power of 15 to 30 kVA
    and a usable capacity of 88 to 176 kWh
  • Type “Max” with a nominal power of 100 to 500 kVA
    and a usable capacity of 121 to 1,089 kWh

Integration schemes

In addition to two simplified integration options, the following diagrams show the scope of delivery and the options as well as the integration of the CHP and PV system, new or existing.


Positioning scheme including dimensions

Due to technical specifications, only certain installation variants of the Battery Towers are possible. The following diagrams show you all variants and the associated space requirements at a glance.


Data sheets



smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.


Still questions? We are happy to help!

Our technical sales team is available to answer any questions you may have about the smartblock battery, accessories and perfect integration.

Phone: 0+49 9179/96434-0


Andreas Bodensteiner, KW Energie
Andreas Bodensteiner
Managing Director
Christoph Baumann, KW Energie
Christoph Baumann
Product Manager
smartblock battery – smart. power. storage.

Installation? Easy and fast!

With the smartblock battery you get a ready-made battery storage system. The setup and installation is quick and easy and only requires a few steps on site. When all preparations have been made, two specialists can assemble and connect a smartblock battery “Ultra” (ICC and batteries) in less than 1.5 hours.

In this video you can see the assembly and installation of a smartblock battery sbb15|44 in just 1:05 hours by two of our technicians in fast motion.

Installation: 1 hour in 1 minute timelapse! (German)

00:00 short introduction to sbb | 00:30 installation sbb | 01:37 contact details | 01:55 end


*For full functionality, the smartblock CHP must be designed to match the smartblock battery.
**Limited warranty subject to manufacturer exclusions.
Financial support is no longer available in Germany.