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Intensive Quality Assurance

At the end of the production process, each smartblock undergoes modern and state of the art testing by highly qualified specialists over many hours, in order to ensure that the system run faultlessly
over many hours, days and months.

Tested Inside and Out

As during every on-site installation, each and every smartblock is connected to a control system, the exhaust gas muffler module, the gas supply, a test heating system and the electrical grid.

The function and the interaction between all the components and partial systems, mechanical and electronic, are tested and tried, and machine-specific settings are made. Efficiency, power, temperatures and pressures as well as the exhaust gas treatment are regulated. The test protocol is processed in detail, the machine is tested according to VDE 0113, and finally all the measurements are recorded in the documentation.

Each and every smartblock leaving the test rack has been tested inside and out.

Intensive Quality Assurance