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Modular Device Versatility

The smartblock series excels with its wide range between 7.5 to 75 kWel, but also because of the modular features by means of which all devices can be comined and controlled centrally and jointly.

Our smartblocks as mobile CHP


Mobile smartblocks

KW ENERGIE mobile CHPs are the ideal solution in cases were the demands change over the course of a year, e.g. in the summer for heating an open-air swimming pool and in winter for heating of a sports hall or gym. Instead of having separate CHP installations at two different locations, which will be standing still over longer periods, the mobile CHP is the ideal solution, because it can be used and then deployed to another location for use in another season. This is particularly suitable for communities and local authorities operating such seasonal facilities. This will increase the running time of the CHP and as such the operational efficiency, due to the reduction of uneconomical and unprofitable stand-by and pause periods.

Contact our customer sales team to find out how and in what circumstances the mobile CHP may be the perfect solution for your situation.