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Examples and References

Today, our smartblocks are active in a variety of environments, improved the overall economy and efficiency of the power production.

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Hotels and Restaurants

Improved Efficiency with Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Energy

Increased customer demands and the rising interest in wellness vacations require hotels to provide more and more energy. Together with rising energy pricing this means more pressure on the enterprises. The increase demand for heat and electricity is an ideal setting for our CHPs.
Based on the continuously high energy demand our CHPs can be run very efficiently, therefore they break even after just a few operating years.


Wellness and Recreation

New wooden Finland-style sauna

Economy for Sauna Parks and Swimming Pools

When operating recreational facilities such as inside swimming pools and extended wellness areas including saunas and open-air swimming pools an efficicient supply of the required energy is essential for economical and successful operations.
Our CHPs are the perfect solution for such energy-intensive applications, A smartblock adjusted to the specific circumstances and power requirments can provide all the auxiliary electricity required and ensure the provision of heating at all times, efficiently and profitably.

Examples for implemented project in the field of wellness and recreation:
– Freizeitbad Roth, 91154 Roth
– Limesbad Weißenburg, 91781 Weißenburg
– Freibad Perschen, 92507 Nabburg
– Anton Schmid Hallenbad, 87616 Marktoberdorf
– Crana Mare, 96317 Kronach

Clinics & Care Centers

Economical Supply and Emergency Power Provision

Care institutions, hospices and especially clinics have special requirements. This includes a specifically cost-efficient supply and provision of power and the necessity for an uninterruptable emergency power supply when public grids fail, so that operations and essential functions are not disrupted.

Also, many clinics and their departments need to keep temperatures at a specified level, also in summer. This is where CHPs, together with special cooling systems, electricity and also cooling can be ensured while meeting economical requirements.


Residential Construction

Heizungsthermostat das auf Stufe 3 Sonne eingestellt ist

Cost-efficient Energy Supplies for Multi-party Residential Complexes

Homes and apartments make up for a considerable share in Germany’s energy consumption. In order to promote the change in the energy concept an improved insulation of buildings is required, as well as a more efficient usage of primary energy sources (oil, gas).
Our CHPs are able to make a considerable contribution to these efforts. With an unsurpassed energy efficiency of up to 100% they not only reduce CO consumption substantially, but they also drastically reduce the energy costs.

Examples for completed projects in the residential field:
– Wohnanlage Wiesenhof Wilhelmshaven, 26383 Wiesenhof
– Wohnanlage Stadtareal Luisenhof, 71723 Großbottwar
– Wohnanlage Derchinger Str, 86165 Augsburg
– Wohnanlage Wasgaustrasse, 67065 Ludwigshafen
– Wohnhaus Gierl, 93053 Regensburg

Trade and Industry

Effective Energy Cost Reduction

Trade and industry are facing particularly rapidly rising energy costs, and the price increases in heating and electricity have a direct influence on the overall efficiency and economy, as well as the competitiveness on the market.
Any duely diligent businessman will see our CHPs as the optimized solution. They produce heat and electricity (and in special they can be used to cool) under particularly favourable and extremely attractive conditions, and thus help to reduce the dependence on rising energy prices.

Examples for successful projects in the trade and industry fields:
– H+H Metallverarbeitung, 92342 Freystadt
– Autohaus Gramsamer, 85464 Finsing
– Spintler Druck & Verlag GmbH, 92637 Weiden
– MBS Metallbau Spangenberg, 99996 Menteroda-Pöthen



Druckmessung Rohrleitungssystem Kraftwerk

Cost-efficient Energy for Premium Beers

When thinking of breweries we tend to concentrate on hop and malt, and the refreshing end product: beer. But brewing is more complex and sophisticated than most beer aficionados appreciate. Breweries require a lot of energy for the preheating and boiling processes as well as for the filling systems. In addition, a lot of electrical energy is consumed by pumps, filling systems, stirrers and air conditioning and venting.
Our CHPs make a considerable contribution to the reduction of energy and overall costs, so the entire enterprise will profit and the production quality is enhanced.

Examples of realized projects in the brewery field:
– Privatbrauerei Winkler Bräu, 92355 Lengenfeld
– Brauerei Strate, 32756 Detmold
– Ottenbräu Robert Neumeier e.K., 93326 Abensberg


Regional Energy Supplies and Use of Biogas

Agricultural operations play various roles in the regional energy supply. First of all, these are regional suppliers of biomass for the decentralized energy production project “from the region for the region”, for example when using biogas for regional power generation plants.
On the other hand, there are large consumer, such as greenhouses for vegetables and other plants. In both cases our CHPs are the ideal solution, either to provide electricity and heat to consumers, or to provide energyin a cost-efficient manner to local enterprises.

Successfully completed project in agriculture:
– Juraps GmbH, 92360 Mühlhausen
– Bayer Timmo, 92237 Sulzbach Rosenberg
– Ahrenhorster Edelfi sch, 49635 Badbergen-Vehs
– Gefl ügel Sprenger KG, 46286 Dorsten
– Belziger Kraftfutter GmbH, 14806 Belzig


Waste Water Treatment

Industrial zone, Steel pipelines and valves against blue sky

Dual Benefits for the Environment

Something that is not obvious to the public: communities operating water treatment plants use a lot of energy. Treating waste waters is a very complicated process requiring great amounts of energy (e.g. for the heating of bioreactors) and electrical energy (e.g. for ventilators, pumps and separation rakes).
With our smartblock CHPs the costs for the provision of electricity and heat can be massively reduced, ensuring that the prices for water treatment do not rise uncontrollably.

Examples for successful projects in the field of water treatment plants:
– Kläranlage Röslau, 95195 Röslau
– Kläranlage Schwabmünchen, 86830 Schwabmünchen
– Kläranlage Liezen, A-8940 Liezen
– Kläranlage Abensberg, 93326 Abensberg
– Klärwerk Gaildorf, 74405 Gaildorf-Kleinaltdorf

Schools and Nursery Schools

Electricity and Heat for Children and Youngsters

Many communities face increasing financial pressure from their multitude of tasks and institutions. This includes the costs for schools and kindergardens and any associated sports facilities and gyms. Consequently, communities are very interested in making their educational and sports institutions and facilities as energy-efficient and cost-effective as possible.
The perfect solution for the heating and power supply is provided by KW Energie CHPs with their unbeatable efficiency and economical operation.

Examples of successful projects in the field of education, schools and kindergardens:
– Hochschule Amberg-Weiden, 92224 Amberg
– Rudolf Diesel Gymnasium, 86163 Augsburg
– Schule Bischofswiesen, 83483 Bischofswiesen
– Schule Kaldaha, 63796 Kahl
– Schulzentrum Heubach, 73540 Heubach


Municipal Utilities & Suppliers


Economic Energy for Communities

Municipal utilities and energy providers supply electricity and heat to private and business consumer in the communities. They are, of course, highly interested in economical and energy-saving solutions. Our CHPs provide the perfect conditions for efficient operations and preserving energy, whether when being used as regional power plants or as a contracting solution for businesses and communities. smartblocks are therefore operated in countless solutions for municipal power providers and utility companies.

Examples of successful projects in the field of municipal utilities and power supply and production:
– Stadtwerke Augsburg, 86165 Augsburg
– ESB Wärme, 81539 München
– REWAG AG & Co. KG, 93055 Regensburg
– Vattenfall, 12349 Berlin
– Techem Energy Contracting, 65760 Eschborn

Sports & Fitness Centers

Cost Control in Sports and Fitness

Although there is a lot of cycling and running in fitness centers, the machines unfortunately do not produce energy, but rather consume electricity. And there is virtually no fitness without a swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna or solarium, or even a complete wellness center, these are enormous cost factors due to their energy demand. And nobody wants work out in a cold hall.
This is an almost classical example for the operation of a CHP, which provides the electricity for the machines and the required heat.

Examples of realized projects in the field of sports and fitness:
– InJoy Weiden, 92637 Weiden
– fi t & squash, 73550 Waldstetten
– Fitnessstudio La Vita, 84347 Pfarrkirchen
– Fit-Plus Fitness-Center, 84030 Landshut


Mobile CHP


Increased Profitability through Deployment at Various Locations

In smaller communities stationary CHPs often present profitability issues, because the energy requirements of the individual applications are rather low. Our MOBILE CHP opens up new opportunities for these cases, because in the summer the CHP can be used to heat the water of an open air swimming pool, and in the winter it can be used to heat a community center or sports hall. This way the shared use of a CHP means that the operation of the CHP is profitable and economical at both locations.

Examples for successful projects in the field of mobile CHPs:
– Stadt Bönnigheim, 74357 Bönnigheim
– Stadtwerke Weiden, 92637 Weiden
– Stadtwerke Kulmbach, 95236 Kulmbach

Alpine Lodges

Environment-friendly Energy at Exposed Locations

Supplying energy to lodges and cabins in the alpine mountains is a special challenge. Due to environmental considerations only ecologically unproblematic solutions are possible, such as our CHPs, which are ideal because they run on vegetable oils as fuel and operated in combination with wind, solar or water power generators. Because of their reliability and the high power our CHPs have been installed in more than sixty lodges and cabins, where they provide electricity, heat and warm water.

A selection of projects in the field of alpine lodges and cabins:
im Bereich „Alpine Schutzhütten“:
– Olperer Hütte, 2389m, Sektion Neumarkt
– Watzmannhaus, 1930m, Sektion München
– Coburger Hütte, 1927m, Sektion Coburg
– Mindelheimer Hütte, 2058m, Sektion Mindelheim
– Similaunhütte, 3019m

Ein junges Pärchen entspannt während einer Wanderung